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The Awards

Kalasha International Film & TV Awards

The mention of awards immediately brings the Oscars to mind. Kalasha Film and TV Awards is the Kenyan Oscars. From a relatively simple beginning in 2009, Kalasha Awards has grown to be the ultimate entertainment annual event in Kenya encompassed with all the glitz and glamour. Like the international Oscars, Kalasha is a perfect example of how awards systems can have a profound effect on careers and business opportunities.

Central to the Mission of the Kenya Film Commission is the promotion of a vibrant film industry. Observations of film industries throughout the world show that systems of awards are integral to the establishment and growth of national film industries. Approximately 100 countries have their own film awards or festivals. By recognizing our own level of excellence and the achievements of our film practitioners, we set benchmarks for future film-makers and encourage the expansion of the industry. Through the establishment of a set of regulations for the Awards which are both fair and democratic, the Commission hopes to encourage a healthy level of competition amongst film makers which will lead to higher levels of good practice within the industry