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Commissions Profile

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The Kenya Film Commission was established vide Legal Notice No. 10 of 2005 as a State Agency. In line with the Parastal Reform Process, a new legal notice No. 147 capturing new and expanded functions of the Commission was signed in July 2015. The Commission is a state corporation under the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology.

Our mandate and core functions
The Commission is mandated to perform the following functions:

  1. To develop, promote and market the film industry locally and internationally and identify and facilitate growth of the film industry.
  2. Generate, manage and disseminate film industry research, information and market data, and act as a repository and archive of Kenya’s film records.
  3. Coordinate and certify persons, association and organization participating in the production of film, photography, video, stills, animation, new media and related media.
  4. Establish and administer a film promotion fund and incubation centers for the film industry in Kenya.
  5. Provide liaison service for government departments on matters relating to the promotion, marketing and development of the industry.
  6. Promote and market Kenya, locally and internationally as a filming destination and promote local content.
  7. Develop fiscal and other incentives to promote investment in the film industry and create linkages with both public and private national and international organizations to improve and facilitate investment in the film industry.

To position Kenya as a preferred hub for Film and TV production.


To develop a vibrant local Film & TV industry, and market Kenya as a preferred filming destination for sustainable wealth and job creation.

Strategic Objectives

The Commission has adopted the following strategic objectives which are in line with the National Policy documents towards the achievement of Vision 2030:

  • To advocate and lobby for favorable policy and legislative environment conducive to film industry development, through strategic partnerships
  • To increase international film production in Kenya
  • To promote proper preservation of film materials in Kenya
  • To conduct action and evidence based research on the film industry
  • To provide relevant, current and timely information on the film industry to spur growth and enhance strategic decision making
  • To strengthen institutional capacity for effective service delivery
  • To facilitate the provision of funding and development for film production
  • To create a significant economic impact by marketing Kenya nationally and internationally
Our Corporate Values

  1. Commitment
  2. Integrity
  3. Transparency
  4. Professionalism
  5. Creativity and innovation
  6. Customer Orientation
  7. Patriotism